In this interview with Mike Tohikian, the President and Founder of Hot Spot Properties, we delved into the world of tenant representation, real estate insights, and the driving force behind his unique podcast. Mike opened the conversation by sharing some insights about himself and Hot Spot Properties. With a solid background in tenant representation, he’s made his mark as a leader in the real estate industry.


One intriguing aspect that surfaced was Mike’s enthusiasm for the Western Conference Show. He eloquently explained why this event holds a special place in his heart. We further explored the shifting dynamics of site selection, as Mike shed light on what clients are currently seeking and the challenges they encounter. As a seasoned professional, he also unveiled opportunities for developers to effectively attract tenants in a competitive market. Lastly, we delved into Mike’s captivating podcast journey, learning about the inspiration behind its creation and what he loves most about this unique platform. Stay tuned till the end to uncover valuable insights into tenant representation and the captivating world of Mike Tohikian!