Ontario, California, has just received a vibrant addition to its landscape that is set to redefine the way we gather, celebrate, and enjoy moments with our friends and family. Introducing “The Collection,” a dynamic neighborhood center strategically located at the gateway to The Resort master-planned community.

Some of the captivating highlights that make “The Collection” truly exceptional are the prime location, thriving community, buzzing daytime activity, variety of shops, and more. “The Collection” is nestled at the SEC of Fourth St. & Haven Ave., boasting excellent visibility and prominence on two major streets. Its strategic placement ensures that it becomes an integral part of the community.

With 3,900 housing units under development nearby, “The Collection” seamlessly integrates itself into the neighborhood, promising to be a hub of activity and convenience.

Proximity to an impressive 203,467 jobs within a five-mile radius ensures that “The Collection” is where the community’s energy thrives, offering a bustling atmosphere.

It features a versatile mix of anchor, pad, and shop spaces, showcasing a diverse blend of national and regional tenants, providing a retail haven for all.

Adjacent to the Toyota Arena, which hosts over 100 events annually, “The Collection” isn’t just a shopping center; it’s the ideal place for friends and family to gather and enjoy an amazing time.

“The Collection” in Ontario, CA is where community living, and convenience unite to make every day extraordinary. It’s more than a neighborhood center; it’s a destination where memories are made.